An unemployed Zookeeper accepts a new position...

Are all job contracts signed in blood nowadays? I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you. It’s probably a modern way of doing things. You thought LinkedIn was strange when that was new, didn’t you?

Sure, the ‘animals’ have more legs, more eyes and more grasping malice than you recall, but hey, what was that you said at the interview? “I’m a real team player!” Goodness, they loved that. It really wouldn’t look so hot to appear so uneasy when the other-worldly portal yawns into ghastly existence, and spits out the latest abomination for you to take care of. A ‘real team player’ would get their hands dirty with whatever those masked, hooded figures are up to. They certainly get into their chanting, don‘t they?

Look. If you hadn’t indulged in one of your little arsonist tendencies, then you would still be gainfully employed at London Zoo, and the inhabitants of the Jolly Woodland Creature enclosure would be less melted. You should be thankful you have work at all, albeit no possession over your soul.

Okay, one little thing I will allow you, it is awfully peculiar that your boss is a collection of stark white bones, stalking around as if flesh and sinew were optional.

Oh well.

It’s not as if you can leave.

The Eldritch Zookeeper a game by Matt Luard, where a zookeeper is tasked to run a cursed zoo full of Lovecraftian horrors. A mixture of inspiration from classic Bullfrog games (Theme Park World, Theme Hospital) and modern survival games, The Eldritch Zookeeper is coming to PC, Mac and Linux later this year.

Gaze into the Abyss!


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